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ABUN-DANCES: Houjyounaru Mai

Ninja Ballet Presents "Abun-Dances/豊穣なる舞", an evening of dance and martial arts performance featuring Shoko Tamai, Zen Takai, and music by Hideo Sekino. At Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie st., New York NY 10002, Oct. 31 2021, 5pm. With support from City Artist Corps.

In 2020, Shoko teamed up with Zen Takai, a sixteenth-generation ninja master from Kyushu, Japan, to create the Ninja Ballet Method. The integration of Ninjutsu and Ballet together results in the realisation of inner beauty, and the purification of the heart. Ninja Ballet Method reveals the ancient secrets of ballet to the martial artist, and the time-honored traditions of martial arts to the dancer. When trained together, practitioners achieve a more enlightened sense of movement, as well as the feeling of empowerment to protect themselves and others.

In 2021, Shoko Tamai traveled to Japan to present "What We Have is Now", a one-woman evening length performance at Sakura-za. Accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Hideo Sekino, she presented Ninja Ballet's body of work for a sold-out audience in her hometown Yamanashi. This October, she brings her collaboration with Hideo-san to Dixon Place in New York City, presented with support from the City Artist Corps.

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