Artistic Director & Choreographer


Shoko Tamai is a classically trained ballet dancer who has performed with leading dance companies in various venues around the world.  Since she was two years old Shoko has studied various dance styles, including ballet, classical Japanese and Chinese dance, jazz fusion, African, Middle Eastern and Indian dance.  Shoko’s period of study with Jamie H.J. Guan, martial arts trainer for the Beijing Opera, initially ignited in her a burning passion for martial arts.

Shoko has studied at the Central School of Ballet (London, UK), The American Academy of Ballet (NYC), The Paris Opera (France), and The Madrid Ballet School (Spain).  She has performed with many dance companies, including Dance Theater of Harlem, Tokyo Ballet, and Cirque du Soleil.

She has performed at venues such as London’s Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, The Theatre Royal in Glasgow, Lincoln Center, and Jacob’s Pillow, among others.  Shoko has competed internationally, receiving the Solo Seal award from the Royal Academy of Dance in London, a Gold Medal in the New York Ballet Competition (American Academy of Ballet) and was a Finalist in The World Ballet Competition.

Shoko was invited to represent Ninja Ballet at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the 77th International Choreographer’s Festival with Dance Forms Professional in 2019, and was nominated for a New York Innovative Theater Award for Outstanding Choreography for her work in “The Tempest”, directed by Owen Thompson, at the Plaxall Gallery in New York City.  Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including BroadwayWorld, Dance Enthusiast magazine, Metro US, and TimeOut New York.



Martial Arts Choreographer


Tony is a master martial artist, fight choreographer, dancer and instructor.  For over 30 years he has explored various forms of martial arts, including Aikido, Ninjutsu, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Judo, Boxing, Fencing, Rapier and Dagger, MMA, Muay Thai, Krabi-Krabong, Savate, Ba Gua Zhand, San Miguel Eskrima, and Xing Yi Quan.  Tony shares his expertise by conducting seminars and workshops for martial arts and dance schools, sports and fitness clubs, and private industry.

Tony was brought on as Ninja Ballet’s Martial Arts Choreographer in 2017, bringing his extensive martial arts experience to all of the Company’s performances since the company’s inception.