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Casa de La Cutura de Tulum
Wednesday 29th of June 2022 Doors open 7:30pm, Show start 8pm

Human anatomy is the study of the structures of the human body. An understanding of anatomy is key to the practice of medicine and other areas of health.

However, how many of us really understand anatomy? but to really feel it sensing and feel it every day of our daily lives?

I wanted to create a dance of my inner discovery and journey, with musical instruments that I loved.

Creativity heals our humanity.

I have chosen love and a flexible body to be able to express while I have this form. I remember clearly why I chose to be a dancer again. human again.

To be free...

We are here to tell you a story of what's happening around of us, truth.

A pure story about love and how humanity shall learn not to walk repeat the same pattern again, but to live uniquely, authentically.

This is about the body, human anatomy as instruments,

To me, the harp is the spine.

The harp has existed for 5,000 years ago. It is an ancient instrument that has lived longer than us, and I would like to pay respect to those who originally created this instrument to create deeply within ourselves. Rhythm and string have a memory to them. Even though our brain doesn't remember it, our body never lies. So, I felt strings vibrating every time pulling and letting go of strings on harp, as if my spine was letting go from my memories stuck all the way into my karmic cycle, as if it was releasing it as I danced. with the sound of harp, I was one with it.


The accordion represents the lungs.

I never knew until I danced with an accordion instrument that it is a wind instrument and I had to take a deep breath in my lungs in order to understand how complex it is with this melody and delay... in tune.

Suddenly my lungs were becoming full, and I realized that when I dance, when I live, I almost never take that deep breath in my everyday life.

There was so much hidden emotion inside of me that never felt so light.

Percussion to me is the foot steps, weight, hips, the rhythm of who I was, what I am.

Who are we?

All that Everything shifts and changes as I go through this performance. I would love it if everyone can feel this deeper inner journey as if this is yours their journey.

I hope that whoever came to see us today comes to see us in the theatre will join this celebration of human creation, how beautiful and how loving it is to exist and die.

Just like sand inside of an hourglass. We are the ones creating Time, we are not slaves to it.

It would be beautiful to ride create this space with the collective energy of people to share and have a balance and harmony of life. A conversation / relationship between sound vibration and human anatomy.

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