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Basic fundamentals of ballet for both beginner and professional. Connecting ballet to spiritual growth, health, and wellness. Teaching the way of life through ballet. Practical techniques to study for ballet progression and keeping in shape. 60 mins. and 90 mins. classes available.

Martial Arts Classes


S3 (Suppleness, Strengthening, Stretching) Classes


Teaching long spear techniques. Balance between upper body and lower body. Strengthening the ki. Bo staff spinning techniques, connecting into advanced flow patterns. 60 mins.

Suppleness, Strengthening, Stretching (S3). Combined meditation breathing, Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Gyrokinesis. Building strength and energy through movement and breathing. 60 mins.

Cosmic Dance Healing and Sound Bath


Ballet Classes

Breathing exercises, guided meditation, with live instruments like the spirit drum and the singing bowl. Strengthening imagination and manifestation. Light improvisational movement for healing aches and pains. Sessions offered through Zoom. 60 mins.

Private lessons also available!

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