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“Freedom” (1h, 20min) – The Secret Theatre, Long Island City, NYC, May 2019

“Freedom” was a production that highlighted the constant struggle between personal freedom and societal responsibility that faces each individual, and raised questions about the continual compromises we make as human beings. 

In the sequence “Cubicle”, the dancers represent office workers connected to their chairs, the chair being a metaphor for the responsibilities that we all have to our families, to ourselves, and to our society. The dancers use robotic movements that mimic the daily routines of bank workers, and move joyfully only when freed from their chairs.  But in the end they always return to the chair, never fulfilling their life’s true calling.

Choreographer Shoko Tamai:  “I had one of my most rewarding moments as an artist when a banker who was in the audience told me that the next day after this performance he quit his unfulfilling job at the bank to start his own business.  This is the type of impact that I hope to have on all of the individuals in my audience”

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