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“To stimulate cross-cultural learning and environmental awareness through dance, music, and visual arts, while inspiring a new generation of enlightened movement artists”

 Our mission is to inspire and increase the appreciation and awareness of the beauty and the strength of natural human form through exploring the cross cultural traditions of movement that are represented in dance and the martial arts, bridging the gap between the east and the west through  fusion of cultural expression.

In the East the sword is a symbol of strength, power, and surprisingly, beauty.  Contrary to popular western belief, the word Ninja, historically, is more associated with mastery of your physical body and your emotional and mental facility, in order to achieve goals and survive.  In ancient Japan, women were also able to be trained in the art of Ninjutsu, and the forms and drills of the art are in most ways very much the same in all physical arts.

In the West, Classical ballet as well, requires intense physical and mental training in order to convey the intricacies of human experience through movement. 

Rooted in this, the Ninja Ballet Theatre stands up to its name with cross cultural authenticity in our productions which leave an inspiring lasting positive impression in the memory of the observer.



We utilize dance performances and community workshops as a vehicle to communicate our message.  By collaborating with innovative artists in various disciplines, we create engaging stories that combine and elevate the best elements of their respective forms into a new art form, which we call Ninja Ballet.

Our vision is to establish the Ninja Ballet Theatre and studios that will house a performance space as well as practice studio spaces that will allow classically trained dancers and martial artists to train and perform together under the same roof. We envision that through their shared passion and cross cultural collaboration we can create innovative and impactful performances as well as classes, workshops and community outreach programs to further and deepen the appreciation for artistic expression through dance, movement and martial arts. Since our beginning in 2017, Ninja Ballet Theatre has performed internationally start from NYC, Thailand, Edinburgh UK, Estonia, Lithuania, St.Croix, PR and Canada.

Ideally, the theater and studios will house costume design creation space, head designer creative space, ballet studios on one floor, martial art practice space on another floor, and professional company theater on the ground floor, so that anyone that comes inside can witness our passion for creating our unique performances. 

We anticipate building the Ninja Ballet Theater brand into a truly international institution that will foster an ongoing exchange of artistic experiences and ideas that positively Impact our human experience, one student, one dancer, one martial artist and one show at a time. 

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